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Mascagni Terrace - Livorno

The most elegant piazza in Livorno


In Livorno, lands of flavours, sea and culture, yu can enjoy an incredible view of the Tyrrhenian Sea thanks to the winding road that follows the sea and ends on the Mascagni Terrace. A superb square which opens on to the Livorno coast and offers a breathtaking view.

The black and white pavement, the columned bannister, and the music stand—a round tempietto which used to host events and concerts—make this an elegant and refined terrace. It was constructed in 1925 and dedicated to Costanzo Ciano, though the architectural style is not resonant with the artistic principles of the Fascist period.

The terrace is a reference point for Livornesi and visitors alike, and the section of the walkway that leads from here to the Accademia offers not only a unique view of the sea, but also the majestic palazzi, gardens and historical buildings of Livorno.

Cover image credit: Fabrizio Angius

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