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Civic Archeology Museum in Camaiore


Numerous local archeological finds on display

The Civic Archeology Museum in Camaiore is located inside Palazzo Tori Massoni, a historical building from the Renaissance, and it has a collection of archeological and historical artifacts from the region. This area was continually inhabited from prehistory through medieval times and up until the industrial era.

The visit, organized into 13 rooms, is a trip back in time through the use of “tactile stations” that let visitors touch several reproductions of archeological materials and “experimental stations” that let them try their hands at some of the techniques that people used in the past. 

The museum has one section about human evolution and three archeological sections dedicated to prehistory, the Etruscans and the Romans, and the Middle Ages. The finds in these sections come from local archeological sites: the Grotta all’Onda cave, the ancient Roman villa on via Acquarella in Capezzano Pianore and the medieval settlement of Montecastrense.

Some displayed archeological finds worth mentioning are the flint and copper tools, marble and shell decorations from the Buca del Corno (a Copper Age collective burial site), ceramic relics from the Paleolithic, Neolithic, and Copper Ages found in the Grotta dell’Onda and money from the ancient villa on via Acquarella.

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