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Bernardini-Fatti Museum of Antique Windows


In Sansepolcro, an interesting collection dedicated to glass window art

The Bernardini-Fatti Museum of Antique Windows is housed in the church of San Giovanni Battista, one of the oldest churches in Sansepolcro. First recorded signs of the church date back to 1126, and today, although its altars have been removed, it still retains traces of 14th-century frescoes on its walls. The famous Baptism of Christ by Piero della Francesca, today held at the National Gallery in London, was painted for this church, as well as panels by Matteo di Giovanni, on display at the Sansepolcro Civic Museum.

The collection, commissioned by Franco Dall’Ara and supported by the municipality of Sansepolcro along with the cathedral authority, was the first organized venture in Italy to establish a glass window art museum. The collection largely conserves the work by artists from the end of the 19th century and the beginning of the 20th century, as well as a collection of decorated panels, sketches, publications and over 40 engravings from the 18th century, based on drawings by Raphael depicting the Chantilly windows.

Among the noteworthy pieces is a Crucifix from the Morris Chapel in Gildestonean, an English pre-Raphaelite masterpiece probably based on drawings by William Morris, as well as works by the Milanese company specialized in glassmaking, Corvaja and Bazzi.