Aboca Museum

How herbs have influenced health through the centuries

Via Niccolo' Aggiunti, 75
The museum is located in the ancient Palazzo Bourbon del Monte in Sansepolcro, and was set up by the Aboca company, a market leader in the medicinal herbs sector. The museum aims to safeguard and promote the traditional use of medicinal herbs and extracts to promote health. The museum itinerary, called "Erbe e salute nei secoli", is located over 12 rooms in the charming, 16th century Noble palazzo. Also on display are the ancient tools and utensils used to mix herbs, like mortars, ceramic plates and distillation instruments.
Numerous rooms display recreations of the ancient workshops where herbs were mixed and stored. The itinerary ends with an exhibition space, where over 100 medicinal plants are displayed. The majority of items in the museum hail from the private collection belonging to the Aboca company, while the remainder was purchased after the museum was opened.
You can also visit the Bibliotheca Antiqua, a botanical library composed of about 2,500 printed volumes of alchemy, pharmacopoeia, natural science and ancient recepies.
Aboca museum - Credit: Aboca museum official site
An introduction to the historical town at the foot of the Apennines
Legend has it that Sansepolcro’s origins can be traced back to two pilgrim saints, Arcano and Egidio. While returning from the Holy Land, they stopped in this valley and, thanks to a divine sign, they decided to stay and build a small chapel there to host the Holy Relics they’d brought from Jerusalem. HISTORY Between 1300 and 1500, Sansepolcro experienced an age of maximum splendor. ...