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Tuscany is a charming combination of beauty, from cities that stand as a testament to the history of art to landscapes so stunning that they’ve been declared UNESCO World Heritage Sites, not to mention mountains that welcome visitors with thrilling experiences. Its immense variety can be found throughout the region and extends all the way to the coast, where the crystal-clear, rich water is just a stone’s throw away from picturesque villages and hills that boast the best of both land and sea.

The Tuscan coast vaunts a range of territories as it runs north to south, each one with its own character but connected by their charm, hospitality and quality, with almost 20 Blue Flag beaches. Some of these areas include the immense and wild expanse of beaches in the Maremma and the unique scenery of beaches in the Apuan Riviera, where the sea and the mountains stand side-by-side. Then there are the boardwalks found along the Versilia, close to the Province of Pisa and a popular holiday spot for families, as well as the scenic cliffs off the coast of Livorno, which blend with the bays dotting the Etruscan Coast, home to priceless traces of the ancient civilization. In addition to all this beauty, the region also boasts the pearls of the Tuscan Archipelago: Capraia, Giannutri, Gorgona, Elba, Giglio, Montecristo and Pianosa, stunning islands that are so much more than their transparent waters.

The Tuscan coast is a melting pot of resources for every kind of visitor. The sea is charming at any time of the year, ready to welcome visitors with activities like snorkelling, surfing, kayaking and even whale watching. Such a pleasant visit can be made even better with a bike ride, hike or horse ride along the coast, enveloped by the aroma of the salty brine or immersed in the greenery of the Maremma Park or the Migliarino, San Rossore and Massaciuccoli Park.

There are also many traditions rooted right here on the Tuscan coast, traditions that drive local festivals, Palios and neighbourhood sagre, dedicated to the area’s authentic culinary delights, making a vacation in these parts perfect for everyone. These experiences can range from informal fishing excursions to a romantic holiday sipping on the famous wines made in the Bolgheri hills or exploring the true essence of the area through Slow Food products and activities, like Orbetello bottarga and the Atlantic bonito fished off the coast. As you start to explore the towns, it will soon be easy to see that the seaside cuisine found around here isn’t just about fish. Indeed, the area vaunts dishes of wild game, flavourful vegetables, one-of-a-kind cookies and olive oil, all of which make for a delicious, top-quality meal.

Home to ancient civilizations, the coast also bears traces of art and history and is home to Etruscan settlements and museums full of artworks and objects from more or less recent eras. The many family activities organized by the museums are another excellent reason to come to the area, ranging from enjoyable tours of the local mines to thrilling visits to the nearby aquariums, which reflect the vitality of a world that is both submerged but multi-faceted and enchanting: the Tuscan coast.

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