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Maremmana Tortelli

Maremmana tortelli are one of the most famous dishes from southern Tuscany and used to be eaten on all festive occasions in the countryside. With their fresh ricotta and spinach filling, they can be enjoyed simply with a butter and sage sauce although they are also delicious with a typical Maremma meat sauce made from wild boar or hare.

These tortellini are full of flavour and are also very easy to make.
The simple ingredients are flour, eggs, salt and olive oil for the pasta and beet leaves, spinach, nutmeg, ricotta and salt and pepper for the filling.

To make the pasta, simply knead all the ingredients together and set aside for 30 minutes. In the meantime, prepare the filling by chopping and frying the greens and mixing them with the other ingredients. The pasta must be rolled out very thin, cut into rectangular strips and filled with the ricotta mix.
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