Florentine-style peas, photo-recipe by Juls' Kitchen

Peas are one of the pleasures of spring and the best time to find them on the market stalls is in April, together with the fresh garlic. Florentine-style peas are perfect like a side dish for different kind of meats. Here is Giulia Scarpaleggia recipe inspired by Paolo Petrini's "Piselli alla Fiorentina". Photos by Lara Musa (Tuscany Social Media Team) [new_royalslider id="4"] Prep time: 10 mins (but let stand for 1 hour) Cook time: 10 mins Total time:  20 mins Recipe type: Side dish Serves: 4 Ingredients
  • 400 g of unshelled peas or about 1 kg with the shell
  • 1 clove of garlic
  • Bacon or ham
  • Olive oil
  • Salt and pepper
About Giulia Scarpaleggia Giulia (or Juls) is a freelance food writer. She developes recipes for magazines and companies and she is a Tuscan cooking class instructor for foreigners and Italians.