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The Voltoline of Cantagallo

Province of Prato boasts beautiful itinerary through local forests

Mugello Cantagallo- Cerliano-crest of Mount Bucciana-the Voltoline di Cantagallo-Cantagallo

Length: 8km
Time: 3 hours
Map reference: Cai di Prato 1/50,000


Short but beautiful, the trail allows us to admire streams, mountains and the fascinating “voltoline” curves and turns of the trails. From the town of Cantagallo, take via Bacuccio where we find trails Cai 36 and 38 which we follow for 300 m before coming to a crossroads. Instead of taking the Cai 38 towards the peak (which we'll take on the way down), we take the 36-38 slightly downhill towards the River Ceppeta. After 200 m, we reach another crossroads with Cai 38 on our left and Cai 36 on our right—take the latter uphill towards Cerlinao which we reach after slightly less than 2km.

In Cerliano we find a small shelter, Cai 36 intersects briefly Cai 32, continue on the trail above the shelter on Cai 36 through the beech wood for 2.5 km, before taking Cai 00 on the right (pay attention to the U shaped crossroads). Here we take Cai 00 along the crest, leaving behind us the uphill trail to Mount Bucciana and Cai 17/A. Leave the crest by turning sharply downhill to take Cai 38 with its winding pathways called “voltoline”. Cross the Ceppeta stream and follow it 2.5 km back to Cantagallo.