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The Church of San Lorenzo, Usella

Discovering Tuscany’s lesser-known treasures


The town of Usella developed in medieval times and its country church, San Lorenzo, was mentioned in historical documents as far back as the year 997. This interesting complex, which includes the church, its bell tower and its rectory was significantly restored at the beginning of the 1900s based on a project designed by Giuseppe Bacci, an architect from Prato.The church’s simple façade carries the Riccardi coat of arms. Originally a church with a single nave, Bacci created two additional lateral naves by incorporating adjacent buildings as part of the main structure.

San Lorenzo hosts several works of high artistic value including a 17th century painting, ‘The Virgin and Child with Saints Lorenzo and Barnaba’, attributed to Empoli. Near the entrance, visitors will find a baptismal font in 16th century marble that was created according to Late Mannerist styles. The church’s rectory is an ancient structure which is still characterized by an 18th century setting, enhanced by various decorative elements added at the beginning of the 1900s.

Famous for the St. Biagio church and its nature reserve
The council of Cantagallo is in the province of Prato, at a height of 423m above sea level and has a population of about 3,000 inhabitants. In the town you can admire the church of St. Biagio, from the XIII century, and the Acquerino Cantagallo Natural Reserve. The striking Cerbaia Stronghold is not far from here. ...