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The riches of the Maremma Park

Itineraries between nature and incredible views

The Maremma Park, with its range of hills descending towards the sea to reach the sandy beaches and cliffs, spreads from the mouth of the Ombrone River till it reaches Talamone, along 25km of the breathtaking Tuscan coastline surrounded by marshland, pinewood forests, tilled land and pastures. With the scent of aromatic herbs and colorful  berries and the cry of its wildlife, the park greats visitors unveiling both its gentle and primitive nature. A clash of elements which awakens the need to be pampered in a newfound paradise. A chance to “set the clock back,” in tune with the soul.

From the green of the Mediterranean bush to the blue of the sea
Departure: Alberese Visitor Center with shuttle bus to Pratini

Itinerary: about 12.8 Km

Time: about 6 hours

Difficulty: challenging
 Brooms, cists and rosemary alternate with bush and woods of secular juniper. At the end of the path, the marvelous Cala di Forno bay unfolds, rewarding visitors with an unforgettable view overlooking the sea after the long walk.

Following the Deer Trail
Departure: Alberese Church

Itinerary: about 5.2 Km

Time: about 3 hours

Difficulty: easy
Educational itinerary where you will find many typical plants of the Mediterranean bush. Especially pleasant is a path crossing the beautiful secular cork and oak forests where you will easily find herds of fallow deer.

Between the pine wood forest and “marshland”
Departure: Marina d’Alberese parking area

Itinerary: about 5.6 Km

Time: about 2 hours

Difficulty: easy
This itinerary is easy yet bound to offer the visitor a variety of sounds, colors and scents. From the green Grand Duchy pine wood forest visitors will reach the broad marsh expansions which embrace the last section of the Ombrone river. A stopover at the birdwatching post will allow visitors to discover the different bird species which inhabit the park’s wetlands.

Marshland birdwatching location with compulsory guide (only after booking min. 8 persons)
Departure: La Trappola location

Itinerary: about 3 Km

Time: about 2 hours

Difficulty: easy
A marshland of priceless value inside a historical factory in the heart of the Maremma region. A magnificent itinerary crossing marsh prairies, low bushland, ponds and dunes, environments full of biodiversity. Ducks, geese, flamingos, marsh harriers, fish hawks can be watched from the sightseeing shacks along the itinerary.  Small groups accompanied by a guide can visit between Fall and Spring. Night tours with compulsory guide

Where the waters are the deepest blue
Departure: Talamone Visitor Center

Itinerary: about 9 Km

Time: about 5 hours

Difficulty: challenging
Departing from Punta del Corvo, the itinerary reaches an ancient customs road. Cists and rosemary are found along the path which later gets lost into the thick bush. The small Cannelle bay greets the visitor with its crystal clear waters and its breathtaking view over the Park’s coastline.



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Southern Maremma is a wild land, where the most unspoilt nature reigns supreme, made up of Mediterranean scrub that inebriates with its various aromas, from the hilltops to the sea. ...
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