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Valle del Chioma

Biking trails in the Chioma Valley

Get into nature

Point of departure and arrival: Nibbiaia
Distance: 6.5 km approx
Duration: 2 hours 40 mins. – 3 hours
Type of road: cart tracks and footpaths
Elevation gain: about 250 metres
Difficulty: easy
Note: The circular route can be shortened by taking two shortcuts back to Nibbiaia. In the winter or in rainy weather fording the Chioma may require some care and the water may be knee-deep.

Starting at the church of San Giuseppe, go towards the sports field and the cemetery where you take the dirt track going downhill on the right. The track leads to a tarmac road S.P. 11 del Vaiolo” through the lower part of Nibbiaia. In the vicinity of street number 161 (Sasso Grosso) turn right downhill passing a recently built homes. After the houses you come to a large fork where you go right downhill near an old fountain and a country house. This is Debbione and shortly after you pass a farmhouse of the same name (white with a gate). At this point the road descends more steeply towards the Chioma River.

At a dip in the road, before it begins to climb up towards the Rialto knoll, turn right onto the cart track marked by an iron chain (25 minutes from the start). The trail goes down through the dense wood (ignore the turn-offs) and comes out in an evident clearing where you continue to descend keeping to the left until you come to a second large clearing from where you can see the Gorgo farmhouse on the right on the other side of the river. The trail “disappears” here but the itinerary continues to the bottom of the clearing (right hand side) where a faint footpath leads into the dense wood and down to the Chioma river which is in sight. Ford the river and take the road going uphill to the right towards the Gorgo Farm.

You shortly come to a dirt road and go right, around the Gorgo farm hill. A short time later you come across a horseback riding trail sign. If you want to go back to Nibbiaia, you can do so following the riding trail signs: this is the first possible shortcut. The itinerary continues on the road along the Chioma river, which is visible on the right. After about 10 minutes, near a fire-fighting water tank, you come to the second short-cut to Nibbiaia on the right. Go straight ahead on the dirt road that follows a line of concrete electricity poles for a short stretch. When the electricity lines turn right over the river, the road starts to climb and then descend gently near the river.

Near a horseback-riding trail sign leave the road that carries on to Valle Benedetta and turn right onto the concrete walkway to ford the river. Once over the river, climb up to Carcivisoli farmhouse, an attractive stone building. Once past the farmhouse you walk along a footpath that climbs through the scrub to another house. From here, still climbing, you come back onto a cart track that skirts another renovated farmhouse, and then after about half an hour you come to a T-junction. Go right and walk uphill to where the descent begins and there is a wonderful view of the wide Fine valley, Gabbro and the Monti Pisani. In 10 minutes you reach the tarmac Gabbro-Nibbiaia road near the bus-stop. Turn right towards Nibbiaia, which is about 15 minutes away.