Colline metallifere

The Massa Marittima Mining Museum

Archaeological park in Massa Marittima

You can get to the Museo della Miniera mining museum, housed in the heart of the galleries that bore around 700 m into the travertine of the hill above the historical centre of the town, on foot in just a few minutes from the cathedral square in Massa Marittima.

These galleries, in part natural and in part dug during the Middle Ages to use the stone for building work, were extended during the Second World War and the local population used them as air raid shelters. It was former miners themselves who set up the museum to recreate their working environment: from the wood deposit needed to reinforce the galleries to the ex- plosives deposit, from the canteen supervisor’s cabin to the inclined shafts and the ore chutes.

In some stretches the various reinforcement systems can be seen: from the classic wood reinforcements to those using metallic net, to brick walls with planks of wood between concrete ashlar. The working methods have also been reconstructed: the “filling” method, that is, excavating the mineral, and then filling the part just emptied at the same time, and the “collapsing the roof” method, that is, by taking down the reinforcements and therefore making part of the gallery collapse once the extraction stage has finished. There is also room for numerous tools and machines donated by the mining companies and the miners themselves: wagons for transporting the workers and material, excavators and pneumatic drills.

With a separate ticket, or using the joint mining museum ticket, it is possible to visit the Museo di Arte e Storia delle Miniere mining art and history museum, again in Massa Marittima: with wood tools, pick axes, acetylene lamps, helmets, wooden clogs, boots and history of the mine planning techniques. Special activities are organized for children in summer. It is forbidden to take off helmets and stray from the guide during the visit. For logistical reasons, it is not possible to visit the inclined shaft or the miners’ canteen. We recommend that you bring suitable clothing also in summer (anorak, sweater). The miner’s hat is provided by the management at the mine entrance.

Open mornings and afternoons all year round. Summer: also open at night.

Full price: € 5,00. Groups: € 4,00. Reductions: € 3,00.

In Italian, English and German. Included in the ticket price.

It is possible to book guided tours in Massa Marittima and the surrounding area to discover medieval storehouses, underground passages and shafts at the Museo della Miniera mining museum: Parco dei Pozzini Medievali, medieval shafts park; the Serrabottini archaeological and mining trail; Caverne della Camilletta (stone extraction); passageway under Cassero Senese; Galleria della Bifora (artificial cavity consisting of a gallery, a shaft and a room dug in the Middle Ages); Forni dell’Accesa fusion plants (building complex for metallurgical production used in modern times); Marsiliana-Pian del Lago drainage gallery; Cavernette del Castello di Perolla (rock settlement of medieval origin comprising 30 small caverns on different levels); Grotta Prato and Grotta Spinosa (karstic cavities used during the Copper Age as burial places); Grotta Verde (karstic cavity with several chambers); Grotta and Dolina del Frate (karstic cavity that opens up in a collapse doline with a waterway inside).

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