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Giovannangelo Camporeale Archeological Museum - Massa Marittima
Photo © Musei di Maremma
Photo © Musei di Maremma

Archeological Museum of Massa Marittima


On display are artifacts from the Etruscan settlement of Lago dell’Accesa

The Giovannangelo Camporeale Archeological Museum in Massa Marittima is located inside the ancient Palazzo del Podestà overlooking Piazza del Duomo. The exhibition is organized in chronologically ordered sections and traces, step by step, the history of the population in the territory from the Lower Paleolithic to the Etruscan age. The Etruscan artifacts come mainly from excavations at the village of Lago dell'Accesa where a necropolis and settlement related to the exploitation of the surrounding metal deposits were found.

The museum highlights a stele statue from the Neolithic period (3rd millennium B.C.) found in the area of Vada all'Arancio and the fossil cast of Oreopithecus bambolii: a hominid whose remains were first found in 1871 in the vicinity of Massa Marittima - at the lignite mines of Montebamboli - hence the name bambolii.

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