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Wine, olive oil and honey

Olive oil from the hills around Lucca

The colour, flavour and traditional production methods make olive oil from Lucca one of the most important Tuscan gastronomic products

Wine, olive oil and honey

Olive oil has been made in the hills around Lucca for centuries and the ancient traditions surrounding oil production are faithfully followed by today’s producers. The local oil has also earned the IGT quality certificate. The oil itself has a unique flavour, both intense, fruity, sweet and sharp at the same time. Its colour is a distinctive golden yellow with green tones and the aroma is utterly divine. Oil producers all over Italy use oil from Lucca as a measuring stick against which to judge their own oils. A very specific mix of different types of olives are used to make this oil, which is so famous that even the Concise Oxford Dictionary includes a definition of Lucca Oil which says, ‘superior quality of olive oil’.