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pane di Altopascio
Bread, pasta and legumes

Bread from Altopascio

The unique flavour of this bread is thanks to its ‘sconcia’ dough

Bread, pasta and legumes
Traditional Altopascio bread is made without yeast and like all Tuscan bread, without salt. Instead of yeast, a particular dough mix is used called ‘sconcia’ to help it to rise.

The bread is made using ‘0’ flour, natural yeast and water which is what gives it its particular flavour. It is made around Tau and also near Porcari, Montecarlo and Castelfranco di Sotto.


The bread is either square (‘bozza’) or long (‘filone’) in shape, it’s soft on the inside and has a crunchy, light golden crust. It is left to rise on special tables for about an hour, covered with hemp sheets. It is then cooked for approximately one hour.

Its particular flavour comes from the local water used in the recipe.
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