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Villa Orsi in Pieve di Compito

Historical Buildings

Capannori is home to the historic, noble residence that now hosts the Historic Camellias of the Lucchesia Exposition

The elegant Villa Orsi is located in Pieve di Compito, in the municipality of Capannori, nestled on the steep slope of a hill and built three floors high. The building, whose current appearance dates to the middle of the last century, boasts a simple geometry: the ground floor is decorated with a band of fake ashlar, made from grey plaster, while the windowsills, sitting atop cornices of the same colour, are highlighted by another cornice that runs the length of the façades.

The garden at the villa is well-known for the presence of historic Japanese camellias, two near the main building and others that form a large hedge in the lower part of the park. These are known as “Madame Pépin,” a variety from the 1800s, and “Paolina Maggi,” a cultivar obtained by the collector Count Onofrio Maggi.

The villa can be visited during the Historic Camellias of the Lucchesia Exposition.

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