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Bottaccio WWF Oasis

Naturalistic attractions

Intact testimony of the typical landscape of the internal wetlands of Tuscany

The Bosco del Bottaccio WWF Oasis is located within the Municipality of Capannori. Along with the Bosco di Tanali, it is the last remaining part of the plain woodland that surrounded the Lake of Bientina. It rises where the mouth of the Rio Visona was once located and protects a marshy habitat with important flora and fauna.

In fact, the area is one of the 130 WWF oases in Italy, established to preserve natural environments. Visiting the Bottaccio, you can observe what was the typical landscape of the internal wetlands of Tuscany. It is filled with meadows, wooded areas, reeds and clear ponds.

WWF Bottaccio Oasis
WWF Bottaccio Oasis - Credit: pagina FB Oasi WWF Bosco del Bottaccio

The territory is adapt to a varied and numerous animal population. Huts are set up to observe the many species of birds among the willows and poplars. There are white storks, gray herons, coots, egrets and mallards. There are also amphibians such as frogs, tree frogs and newts in the oasis as well as badgers, porcupines, foxes and wild boar hiding among the vegetation.

The oasis can be visited thanks to paths and walkways over the water, as well as observation huts and rest areas. To complete the itinerary, signs illustrate the flora and fauna of the Bosco del Bottaccio.

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