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Church of San Leonardo in Treponzio in Capannori

Places of worship

A 12th-century church built atop a pilgrims’ hospice

The Church of San Leonardo in Treponzio is located in the municipality of Capannori, in the Lucchesia. The complex was very likely built atop a pre-existing structure, possibly another church that was originally tied to a hospice for pilgrims founded around the year 1000.

The church’s architecture is clearly medieval, even if later renovations are evident. The Latin-cross plan from the early 12th century can still be seen, characterized by a single nave and a semi-circular apse. A unique feature is the use of stone blocks from nearby Guamo, used to create the sacred architecture typical of the Lucca area. On the façade, the portal, attributed to Giudetto’s circle, stands out with its white marble and many symbols recalling moral themes and messages.

Inside, there are also a few important works of art, including a collection of 14 paintings from the 1700s depicting the Via Crucis.

Portal of the Church of San Leonardo in Treponzio
Portal of the Church of San Leonardo in Treponzio - Credit: Mongolo1984
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