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Villa Grabau in Lucca

Historical Buildings

This 16th-century villa in San Pancrazio was modified in the 19th century

Villa Grabau is located in the hills outside Lucca, specifically in San Pancrazio. The historic residence vaunts the typical characteristics of a Renaissance villa in this area despite its renovations in the 18th and 19th centuries. Two stories tall, the villa blends perfectly into the landscape and nature that surrounds it, like the magnificent garden further up the hill and bordered by a black and white mosaicked terracing. Also on the terraces, there are two fountains that, along with the grotesque fountain now in the forest, are attributed to Pietro Tacca’s circle.

The Italian-style garden vaunts are hundreds of centuries-old citrus fruits planted in terracotta basins that bear the coats of arms of historic patrons. The gardens’s limonaia is also impressive, considered one of the most beautiful in the Lucca area with its seven oval windows framed by rusticated stone from Matraia.

The English-style garden, on the other hand, conserves rare trees and monumental trees, which were brought here thanks to an exchange with the Botanical Garden in Lucca. The Box Hedge Theatre is also in this garden.

Villa Grabau
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