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Torre del Candeliere

Historical Buildings

A stunning medieval panoramic viewpoint in Massa Marittima

The Torre del Candeliere of Massa Marittima was built in 1228 by the Pisan podestà Tedice Malabarba as a watchtower and as a symbol of the power of the free Municipality of Massa Marittima, which had gained autonomy from the rule of the Bishop-prince a few years earlier. For this reason it was erected 28 meters high right in front of the Castello di Monteregio, the seat of the bishop.

After exhausting struggles in 1335 the city had to surrender to Siena, which cut off the tower by a third of its height to show its dominance over the city. At the same time, the inhabitants of Siena began the construction of a large arch to connect the tower to the Cassero Senese located in the center of the town, and still in use today. 

In 1413 a large bell, said to be three times larger than the current one, was placed on the tower, which local people still call "Campanone," although it was destroyed by lightning in the second half of the 1700s. In 1443 the town's first clock was placed on the eastern side looking toward Piazza Matteotti.

Today the tower, also known as the clock tower, is one of the main attractions of Massa Marittima thanks to the amazing view of the town and the sea from its top. The visitor route also allows tourists to walk along the arch and on a stretch of the Cassero walls

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