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Torre Candeliere
Photo ©Sailko
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Torre del Candeliere

A stunning view over Massa Marittima

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Massa Marittima
Via Santa Chiara, 2, Massa Marittima GR
Massa Marittima’s tower was built in 1228 by Pisan leader Tedici Malabarba. It was partially destroyed and later reconstructed during the fourteenth century, under the government of Siena, whose leaders incorporated the structure, so that it would become part of new city fortifications. They opened a direct line of communication to the tower thanks to a bold arched passageway, which hosts a viaduct that still works today. In 1413, the tower was fitted with a bell, in order to summon citizens during an emergency; a clock was added forty years later. From the top of the tower, you can view a wide panorama that sweeps across the sea and allows you to see to city sprawling towards the hinterland, offering an amazing view of the Metalliferous hills.
Massa Marittima
Nestled on a high and isolated hill, Massa Marittima’s beautiful historic city center is enclosed and protected by the well-preserved city walls, representing one of the most important urbanistic-architectural complexes in all of Tuscany. ...