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Montioni Interprovincial Park

A protected area of 7,000 hectares between Grosseto and Livorno

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Via F. Scaglione, 43, 57028 Suvereto LI, Italia

The Montioni Interprovincial Park is a natural protected area that extends across approximately 7,000 hectares between the Grosseto and Livorno provinces, between the municipalities of Follonica, Massa Marittima, Suvereto, Piombino and Campiglia Marittima.

The area is rich in art and history: from remains of prehistoric settlements to Etruscan and Roman relics as well as medieval buildings such as the Pievaccia, the ruins of Montioni Vecchio Castle, the Montioni baths and various instances of medieval archaeology like the alum quarries.

In the park there’s the state-owned nature park of Poggio Tre Cancelli.

The hills of the Montioni Park are covered in dense native vegetation, where oak and conifer trees dominate. The fauna is represented by various wild species typical of the Maremma. Birds, wild boar and deer are everywhere.

Info: parcodimontioni.it

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