Pieve di S. Stefano a Vallecchia

The Parish church of S. Stefano a Vallecchia

Seravezza hosts a gem of Christian architecture

Localita' Vallecchia

The church was first built during the eighth century, while today’s structure dates back to the year 1000. It was built using local marble, extracted from the nearby Monte Solaio, which visitors can appreciate directly behind the bell tower. The church’s interior is divided into three naves; visitors are sure to appreciate its columns with capitals and ancient Romanesque pillars. In 1600, the church was transformed and embellished, as we can see from its frescoes depicting various religious scenes.
In a niche cut inside the third pillar of the left aisle, there is a beautiful sculpture depicting a ‘Madonna and Child’, from the fourteenth century. The church’s rich décor is further complimented by a confessional in polychrome marble from the seventeenth century. Its noteworthy features also include a sixteenth century crucifix behind the altar and a marble pulpit boasting rich Baroque style decorations. The latter, by the sculptor Andrea Baratta Carrarese, is signed and dated 1681.

Land of artists and marble workers between the Apuan Alps and the sea
This appealing little town is rich in cultured and elite tourism. Pietrasanta is also known as the “little Athens” of the Versilia region thanks to the high concentration of artists that decided to put down roots there. The town also has a long standing tradition of expert marble workers, and the surrounding Apuan Alps remind us of this tradition. ...