Museo Civico Archeologico di Fiesole

The Civic Archeology Museum of Fiesole

The history of the area documented through archeological discoveries

The building that hosts the museum was built in 1914 by architect Ezio Cerpi, based on a project by Professor Milani of the Ancient Etruscan Superintendency. The museum documents the ancient history of the city of Fiesole and its surrounding areas. It is next to and communicates with an archeological area where visitors can view the dig site of a theatre, thermal springs and an Etruscan-Roman temple. The initial museum space was located in the Municipal Building, but it was transferred to its current location in 1914.

The current layout of the museum was designed in 1981 and it displays specific archeological artifacts found in separate areas: items that are of Fiesole origin and other items of antique origin. A corridor that allows visitors to view the Costantini collection, situated in an adjacent building, was opened in 1997 and allows visitors to view recent finds, like an entirely reconstructed Longobard tomb. The majority of the items on display come from archeological digs located throughout the area that have recently been explored. Among the items of diverse origin is a collection of vases from ancient Greece, some of which were bought from local antique markets, and others were donated by art collector Costantini.

Opening hours:
April 1 to September 30, from 10am to 7pm; closed Tuesdays.
October 1 to October 31, from 10am to 6pm; closed Tuesdays.
November 1 to February 28, from 10am to 6pm; closed Tuesdays and Wednesdays.

Ticket Price:
10€ (full ticket price includes entrance to the Bandini Museum); reduced for groups of 10 or more: € 6; schools: €3; families: €20; further reduced price for people aged 7 to 25 and over 65, children 6 years and under, residents, schools in Fiesole, disabled persons.

Disabled access:
The Civic Archeology Museum and the entire archeological area are fully accessible to the disabled.

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