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Territorio di Capannori
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The church of San Cristoforo di Lammari

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The church of San Cristoforo di Lammari, built between the end of the XI and the beginning of the XII century, stands upon the remains of a previous early medieval building. It boasts several noteworthy elements including sculpted decorations in several parts of the church and the terracotta bowls in the apse; unfortunately, today, only empty spaces can be seen.

Constructed upon a previous building that dates back to the IX century, San Cristoforo di Lammari does not preserve any traces of that ancient structure. The new church, built between XI and XII centuries has a Latin-cross plan, three aisles and a semicircular apse. Slightly later, the bell tower was constructed and the right side of the church was elevated.

In the XVI century, the building was renovated according to the new precepts of the Counter-Reformation: a vaulted ceiling replaced the previous one supported by trusses and new altars were inserted. In the XVIII century, the belfry was rebuilt, while in the XX century the building was restored to its original medieval appearance. The church has rich sculpted decorations and a series of receptacles for terracotta bowls on the crown of the apse.

Source: luccapro.sns.it

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