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The birthplace of Leonardo

Historical Buildings

The farmhouse in which he was born is in Anchiano, at 3 kilometers from Vinci.

Many people think that Leonardo da Vinci was born in Vinci, as the name seems to suggest. But the truth is that the birthplace of Leonardo da Vinci is in Anchiano, at about 3 kilometres from Vinci. Leonardo was born there on April 15, 1452, along a country road, where he could see the surrounding green hills. For sure this landscape inspired him, since it is reproduced in the background of some of his most famous paintings.

The farmhouse in which he was born and grew up is still immersed in a green landscape. Inside you can find some reproductions of Leonardo da Vinci’s drawings and a life-sized hologram who narrates the events of his life and work. It houses also a permanent educational exhibition and a map of the Valdarno drawn by Leonardo.

Leonardo’s house can be reached both by car and by coach, but is also connected to the town of Vinci by the Green Route, a historic path about 3 km long which can be covered on foot.