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Piazza Carlo Pedretti and the Centro Leo Lev in the background
Photo © Centro Leo Lev
Photo © Centro Leo Lev

Piazza Carlo Pedretti

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A piazza dedicated to professor Carlo Pedretti in the heart of Vinci

Inaugurated in 2019, the square was created by the architect Oreste Ruggiero as a tribute to the renowned professor and Leonardo da Vinci scholar, Carlo Pedretti.

The work is characterized by a unique decorative flooring inspired by Leonardo's Sala delle Asse found in the Castello Sforzesco in Milan, by a spectacular fountain designed by Ruggiero together with Professor Carlo Pedretti and by Skylines, and four brass engravings of the four cities that were well-known to Leonardo: Vinci, Florence, Milan and Amboise.

The Piazza is the magnificent entrance to the Centro LEO LEV, an exhibition and multifunctional space located in the heart of Vinci.