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Stibbert Museum in Florence

One of the most fascinating and unexpected places in the city

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Museo Stibbert
via Stibbert, 26

The Stibbert Museum is one of the most original places in Florence: this house museum, set up in the 1800s by its owner, Frederick Stibbert, boasts a spectacular display of the excellent collections that Stibbert left to the city upon his death, particularly the famous collection of weaponry, as well as artworks and objects of everyday life in European, Islamic and East Asian civilizations, especially Japanese.

The Sala della Cavalcata is splendid, where life-sized European and Ottoman knights are staged in military formation. Visitors can also admire katana and armour coming from Japan and which belonged to real samurai.

The same eclectic style, the same curiosity for the past and the exotic characterize the park that surrounds the villa, with groves, pavilions, statues, fake ruins and a small Egyptian temple.

In addition to the weaponry and armour collections, Stibbert also owned scores of costumes, paintings, tapestries, furniture and applied arts, making the total number of objects conserved in the museum over 50,000.

Info: museostibbert.it

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