Museo di Storia Naturale dell'Accademia dei Fisiocritici Onlus, Siena

Siena, The Fisiocritici Onlus Academy Natural History Museum

A museum exploring geology, zoology and anatomy


The Fisiocritici Onlus Academy Natural History Museum (Museo di Storia Naturale dell'Accademia dei Fisiocritici Onlus) is housed in the old Camaldolesi monastery which dates back to the twelfth century. The building was given to the Academy in 1816 by Grand Duke Ferdinando III of the Asburgo Lorena family and has undergone a great deal of restoration and restructuring work over the centuries.The exhibition is an integral part of the Fisiocritici Academy, which was founded in 1691 with the aim of promoting and celebrating the study of natural science.

Many of the items on display are from the seventeenth century and are highly important from a historic and scientific point of view.
The Zoological Section, which was created in order to gather together and study the region’s fauna, has been enlarged to accommodate some more exotic species. The Paolo Mascagni Room was completely renovated in June 2008 and is home to some original medical preparations, life size anatomical tables, a library and personal documents belonging to the illustrious anatomist who lived from 1755 to 1815.

Opening hours
Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday: 9am-1pm & 3pm-6pm; Thursday: 9am-1pm; Closed on Saturday, Sunday and holidays.

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Contact information
Piazzetta Silvio Gigli 2 (già Sant'Agostino)
Telephone 0577 47002

Where not a single stone has changed down the centuries
Siena shines perfectly from a distance in its medieval magnificence. The three hills amid which the city rests rise up like an idyllic film set, the old boundaries soften like the past into a countryside that sometimes still seem like the scene painted by Ambrosia Lorenzetti in the Allegory of Good Government in the halls of Siena's city hall. ...