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Chigiana Music Academy

Palazzo Chigi Saracini in Siena is home to the historic instution and the Museum of Musical Instruments

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Via di Città, 89, 53100 Siena SI, Italia
The Chigiana Music Academy is a historic institution founded in Siena in 1932 by Count Guido Chigiinside the splendid Palazzo Chigi-Saracini, where still today courses are held for musicians and classical singers, as well as concerts and special events

The palace also houses the Museum of Musical Instruments, boasting an impressive collection whose original pieces were string instruments built by the violin maker Leandro Bisiach between 1903 and 1915, which the count commissioned. These pieces continue to be an important part of the museum thanks to their uniqueness.

The museum also has an exceptional harpsichord built in 1515 byVincentius – the oldest existing instrument of its kind in the world – a cello by Antonio Stradivari, a violin and cello by Nicola Amati, a violin by Mattia Albani and a violin by Cammilli.

In addition to the museum, the Chigiana Academy conserves historic instruments, including a Bechstein piano that belonged to Liszt and two organs, the larger of which is on display in the gallery of the Concert Hall.

Info: chigiana.it

Where not a single stone has changed down the centuries
Siena shines perfectly from a distance in its medieval magnificence. The three hills amid which the city rests rise up like an idyllic film set, the old boundaries soften like the past into a countryside that sometimes still seem like the scene painted by Ambrosia Lorenzetti in the Allegory of Good Government in the halls of Siena's city hall. ...