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Santa Cristina Church, Pimonte

Places of worship

An ancient hidden treasure in the hills of Prato

The Santa Cristina church at Pimonte, nestled in the hills of Prato, is a small place of worship built between the 13th and 14th centuries and adjoined to an ancient watchtower. The tower, erected in the 11th and 12th centuries, instead of being torn down to make way for the church, was retained to provide support to the structure and is now used as the sacristy. The building consists of a simple gabled facade and a refined, warm-toned, rough albarese apse on which a small bell gable rests with two small arched windows. 

The interior is home to paintings dating to the late 14th century depicting the Pièta, Madonna with Child and San Niccolò. The presbytery also hosts a valuable ciborium from the workshop of Bernardo Rossellino. The tomb of Ginevra degli Albizi sits in the central nave and other tombs can be found around the altar. In a garden across from the building, a sundial painted on a wall by prior Andrea Tofani is famous for inspiring the construction of many others in Prato.