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Pietraporciana Natural Reserve

Rocky peaks and beautiful beech woods

Chianciano Terme
This reserve takes its name from the high, rocky peak of Pietraporciana, which rises to an altitude of 847m. One of the worthwhile places to see while in the reserve is the tiny hamlet of Castglioncello sul Trinoro, this tiny ‘borgo’ or village, is perched on top of a hill and offers a breath taking view of the entire Val d'Orcia.

On the northern side of the reserve there is a beautiful beech woods. This relic of the ice age is home to two species of plant that are particularly rare in Italy: the belladonna, with its poisonous blue fruit and the spindle tree.

Wild flowers such as the snow drop, the white orchid and the very rare red lily are some of the plant species which you may encounter on a walk along the reserve’s trails. Where the beech forest begins to thin, the undergrowth assumes the more varied colours of the flowers which grow there such as cyclamens, primroses and wild strawberries. The wild strawberries are so common that they carpet the ground when they are in season.

Rare insects can be found in the park such as the flying deer and rhinoceros beetle which live in dead or dying trees and are a favourite food for the red headed woodpecker, the green wood pecker and the wryneck which all live in this Natural Reserve.
Chianciano Terme
Wellness, nature and culture
The area in which the Chianciano thermal spa has been developed is surrounded by wooded hills, which are free from serious pollution problems and as such undoubtedly provide the best safeguard for the ecological and hydrological system of the area, which is rich in water with highly curative properties. ...