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Piazza della Repubblica, Livorno
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Piazza della Repubblica, Livorno

The largest square-bridge in Europe

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Boasting to be one of the biggest squares of Livorno, piazza della Repubblica, approximately 19,000 square meters, is a lively place which hosts several large events and concerts during the year. Its construction dates back to the early 19th century by the architect Luigi Bettarini.

The poet Giorgio Caproni, a native of Livorno, mentions the piazza in this famous passage: “Farewell to the waltz of grass at night, and in Calambrone; farewell to Voltone and to the boats and crazy girls, shouting to touch the Marzocco without paying the price.”

The Livornese, in fact, used to call thesquare “Voltone” for the time when it covered Royal Canal, a moat that originally followed the perimeter of the fortified city.

There is a famous story of the three sculptures found in the Fosso in the early eighties. They were exchanged as works by Amedeo Modigliani; but instead, they were later deemed the fakes.

In the piazza, you can see one side of the Cisternino, an elegant neoclassic-style building constructed in the first half of the 19th century, in order to meet the hydrolic needs of the Livorno city center.

Recently the monument to Giovanni Fattori has been placed back in the square to its original position.  The monument was designed by Germigliani and was revealed in 1925.

In ancient times, the piazza was also used as a meeting point for carriages. In fact, today, you can still see the pillars that once served to tie the horses up to.
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