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Parish church of San Pietro in San Piero a Sieve

Places of worship

One of the oldest churches in the Mugello

The parish church of San Pietro, built in the heart of San Pietro a Sieve,  has been cited in historical documents dating as far back as the 11th century. The current structure, rebuilt on the original structure, was built in the mid 14th century.

Inside, you can still spot various elements of to the original building, even if the majority of it has been rebuilt. The parish church has three naves and five Roman arches, supported by five rectangular pillars that probably substituted the original columns. You can also see hints of the older structure in the rectangular tribune, built where the apse once stood. On the main altar, there’s a wooden cross created by Raffaello da Montelupo. Inside, you’ll find an octagonal baptismal font in glazed terracotta made by the School of Giovanni della Robbia and depicts stories from the life of Saint John the Baptist. In addition, you’ll find the Medici coat of arms, evidence that the country church once belonged to the Medici dynasty.

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