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Museum of Sant'Agata Artigiana e Contadina of Leprino


An exhibit of the artisan and peasant life with characters in motion

The Museum of Sant'Agata Artigiana e Contadina di Leprino is located in the multipurpose center of Sant'Agata in Scarperia. Officially active since 1986, it was opened with the aim of rediscovering and deepening the sense of the peasant tradition, a way of life of the past of which we risk losing track.

The animated scenes have been built by Falerio Lepri, known as Leprino. The characters, about 70 centimeters high, reproduce trades and traditional activities of Mugello from the 1920s to the 1950s. Leprino began working on them after the war, initially as a pastime: the artist used to display the miniatures in the window of his grocery store, on the occasion of festivities. The aim was to reproduce the scenes that characterized the daily life of the town of Sant'Agata and its surroundings.

The puppets, which faithfully reproduce the gestures that are appropriate to their role, are built with a wooden frame inside which are inserted some recovered motors, then covered with papier-mâché and finally clothed with cloth clothes made of fabric according to the fashion of the time. The buildings of the scenes are made of cardboard and the utensils of wood or aluminum, while a network of electric wires allows the characters to move in sync.

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