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Archaeological Documentation Center of Sant'Agata


In Scarperia an exhibit of the collection of archaeological finds from the territory

The Archeological Documentation Center of Sant'Agata is located in Scarperia, inside an ancient vat factory and in rustic rooms annexed to the rectory of the Pieve di Sant'Agata.

The museum documents the history of Mugello from prehistoric times to the Middle Ages, exhibiting worked flints, ancient ceramics, coins and other medieval metal finds. In the first room, dedicated to Prehistory, there are artifacts ranging from the Lower Paleolithic to the Bronze Age. Everything is accompanied by a rich didactic and iconographic apparatus, including the reconstruction of tools that visitors can touch with their hands, to further immerse themselves in the environmental and human context in which they were used.

In the other rooms, there are exhibits from the Etruscan and Roman periods, such as stelae and ceramics. There are also many medieval objects recovered in the castles of the territory of Scarperia and San Piero.

Together with the museum, in an adjacent area, it is possible to visit the reconstruction of a life-size prehistoric village, with three huts completely furnished with objects, weapons and utensils of everyday use. Each hut is part of a different period: the first represents a hunter's dwelling of the Paleolithic; the second a family of farmers-gatherers of the Bronze Age; the third, finally, represents a hut of the Iron Age. The objective is to evoke the prehistoric setting for an instructive and involving experience.

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