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Photo © Ramiro Castro Xiques
Photo © Ramiro Castro Xiques

Leonardiano Museum in Vinci


An exhibition dedicated to Leonardo inventor, technologist, engineer

The Leonardiano Museum, opened in 1953, is located inside the Castle of the Guidi Counts and Palazzina Uzielli in Vinci, birthplace of the great Renaissance genius. It is one of the most extensive and original collections dedicated to Leonardo inventor, technologist, engineer: several models of Leonardo's machines, reproduced based on the artist's sketches, can in fact be admired.

Leonardo da Vinci was a multifaceted character, and this characteristic is seen in the variety of designs with which he depicted his insights. One example is the construction machinery, with the winches and cranes designed by Filippo Brunelleschi for the construction of the dome of Florence Cathedral and which so fascinated the young Leonardo. However, we also find war machines, inventions in the military field made in Milan at the court of Ludovico il Moro: here, Leonardo designed throwing weapons, systems for overcoming obstacles during sieges and an innovative steam cannon.

Leonardiano Museum
Leonardiano Museum - Credit: Sailko

You cannot but mention the flying machines, which imitate the structure and movement of birds' wings, the self-propelled wagon (a stage machine for use in the theater), the bicycle, mechanical clocks and textile machines.

This is a fascinating journey especially for children: for them, the Leonardo Museum also offers guided tours and educational workshops, where they can disassemble and reconstruct the machines of the great Tuscan inventor.

Just three kilometers from Vinci, it is also possible to visit Leonardo's Birthplace, to make the journey discovering the artist even more complete.

Museo Leonardiano
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