Riserva naturale Poggio Tre Cancelli

Poggio Tre Cancelli Nature Reserve

A natural paradise for animals and nature-lovers

Part of the Interprovincial Park of Montioni, the Nature Reserve of Poggio Tre Cancelli was set up almost thirty years ago and extends for 99 hectares, 50 of which form the reserve itself, the remaining 49 making up a protective contour. The area is included among the biotopes of marked interest in view of the vegetation, assessed and considered worthy of preservation by the Programme of Territorial Research on the natural areas to protect, carried out for the Ministry of Public Works by the CNR (National Council for Scientific Research).

The flora is charaterised by woods populated with fine specimens of holmoak, Turkey oak and Cork oak, as well as flowering ash, arbutus or strawberry tree, hornbeam, broad-leaved phyllirea, heather, white hornbeam, three-lobed maple, cornel tree, lentisk, myrtle, viburnum, sorb and wild service-tree. The avifauna nesting in the habitat includes numerous birds of prey, both diurnal and nocturnal, such as kestrel, buzzard, little owl and barn owl. Roe deer and wild boar are frequently observed, as are porcupines, hedgehogs, squirrels, badgers, foxes and stone martens.
The Reserve is open to visits only after booking. For information contact the Administration Office of the Forest Rangers. Tel: 0566/40019.
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