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Versilia Thermal Baths

Relax and wellness

Wellbeing and thermal treatments just a stone’s throw from the beach

At Cinquale in Montignoso, just 3 kilomteres from the center of Forte dei Marmi, two extraordinary discoveries were made that led to the founding of a wellness center and its exceptional thermal resort: the Versilia Thermal Baths.

The first discovery was a source of incredibly pure salso-bromo-iodic water, particularly rich in mineral salts, which sprung up a stone’s throw from the sea. Thanks to this find, the Versilia can boast a thermal resort all its own.

Terme della Versilia
Terme della Versilia - Credit: Pagina Facebook Terme della Versilia

These waters, which bubble to the surface at 17 degrees Celsius, are the result of a natural alchemy that brought mountain waters into contact with salt deposits in an ancient sea located in this area. Extremely rich in iodine (there’s ten times more than in sea water), sodium and bromine, the waters are particularly useful for aiding the body: a phenomenal cocktail that relaxes the muscles, melts away tension, fights joint and cellulitis inflammations and helps with both weight loss and increasing vitality.

torba alle Terme della Versilia
torba alle Terme della Versilia - Credit: Terme della Versilia Pagina Facebook

The second discovery was a peat deposit, the only one in Italy, in the basin of Lake Massaciuccoli. Peat is a completely natural product with a multitude of beneficial functions: it purifies the skin, assists with drainage, contains antiseptic properties, acts as a cicatrizant, restores the skin’s pH balance, aids skin renewal, activates microcirculation and tones and stimulates the vitality of tissue.

Thermal baths in Versilia
Thermal baths in Versilia - Credit: Hotel Undulna - Terme della Versilia Facebook Page

The Versilia Thermal Baths are a place where guests can isolate themselves from the “noise” of the everyday, entering, instead, into a cocoon-like setting, marked by self-care, wellbeing and relaxation. The high professionalism of the medical and thermal bath staff ensure that guests’ needs will be met through recommended thermal programs, in a comfortable location equipped with the most up-to-date technology.

Terme della Versilia
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