Villa Medicea di Careggi, Firenze

Medici Villa di Careggi

Exploring what was once the dynasty’s favorite residence

This splendid residence once belonged to the Medici dynasty and served as a meeting place for highly prestigious intellectuals. The villa was purchased by the Medici in 1417 and restructured by the year 1459. In the fifteenth century, the Villa di Careggi was considered their favorite residence; it became headquarters of the Platonic Academy and a place where experts in literature, philosophy and art came to gather. During the following century, Cosimo I had the villa decorated by artists like Pontormo and Bronzino. Unfortunately, these works were subsequently lost. Other decorations were commissioned in the XVII century by Cardinal Carlo de’ Medici. After changing hands several times over the course of the centuries, the villa became property of the Careggi Hospital in 1936.
This fifteenth century residence, where Lorenzo the Magnificent died, was built on a plan by the architect Michelozzo. Today, it is the headquarters of Careggi Hospital’s administrative offices. Nonetheless, it continues to be an architectural monument that is open to visitors. Guests to the museum can take advantage of a free brochure containing historical references about the villa in both English and Italian. The villa is still primarily characterized by its original architectural lines. Visitors are sure to appreciate its seventeenth century decorations and its monumental atmosphere, furnished with frescoes and fine furnishings.

Opening hours: Mondays to Fridays from 9am to 6pm, visitors are preferred during the afternoon; Saturdays from 9am to 12pm; closed Sundays and holidays; individual visitors will be granted immediate access, while reservations are necessary for groups (tel. 055/4279496 or 055/4279497)
Admission: free
Handicap access: to the garden and ground floor only
Contact information:
Viale Pieraccini 17 – FLORENCE
tel. 055/4279755; 055/4279497


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