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Alpe di Puntato

L’Alpe di Puntato

This mountain pasture is a reference point for excursionists

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The ‘Puntato’, one of the last mountain pastures of the Apuan Alps hidden between the ‘Pania della Croce’, the ‘Monte Corchia’ and the ‘Freddone’, and dominated by the imposing Pizzo dell Saette, is certainly one of the most fascinating and charming places in the Natural Park. Inhabited by a community of shepherds up to the 1940’s and then abandoned after the end of the second world war, it still preserves a sense of the old way of life, consisting of fatigue and reciprocal assistance, in the old houses in ruins, in the terrain levelled into terraces for cultivation, in the old mule tracks or the well-kept footpaths. Walking through the woods you can come across old stone drying-rooms, used in the past to produce chestnut flour, or, if you look more closely, the traces of old charcoal heaps where coal was obtained by means of the slow combustion of piles of wood covered in earth.

Over the last years, some of the cottages have been renovated, mostly to be used for weekends in the country. As well as being a favourite for many excursionists, the ‘Puntato’ is one of the best starting-points for anyone who wishes to visit the beauty spots of the ‘Parco Apuano’. It is also possible to sleep overnight in either of the two charming mountain refuges, ‘il Robbio’ and ‘la Quiete’, equipped with photovoltaic implants to produce electrical energy. Guests may choose between full-board and total autonomy. Mauro Tavoni, the manager of the two refuges, has set up the ‘Azienda Agricola Biologica del Puntato’ (Puntato Biological Farm) which in 2005 was given an award by the county of Tuscany for setting an example of ecosustainability. With its local production of honey, chestnut flour, vegetables, medicinal herbs, and the presence of mules for transport of materials, horses for trekking and a hydro-electrical implant in construction, the ‘Puntato’ has become an international centre for environmental education. In this context, the words ‘communion’ and ‘respect’ take on a practical sense in the actions carried out from day to day.
Castles, fortified sites and medieval tunnels
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