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Burano nature reserve, Capalbio
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Lago di Burano Nature Reserve

The WWF oasis between the sea and the lake is a natural paradise for animals

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Via Circonvallazione Enrico Berlinguer, 1, 58011 Capalbio Scalo GR, Italia

The Lago di Burano Nature Reserve is a green sanctuary managed by the World Wildlife Fund. It is located in the municipality of Capalbio and covers an area of 410 hectares between Ansedonia and the River Chiarone, 140 of which are taken up by the lake. 

Beginning from the sea, the plant life that characterises the beach includes sea daffodils, shore bindweed, santolina and juniper bushes.The undergrowth is formed of myrtle, phillyrea, pistacia lentiscus, heather and juniper, while the forest is populated by holm oak, cork oak, downy oak, maple and durmast.

Lago di Burano WWF Oasis
Lago di Burano WWF Oasis - Credit: Nitticora Albina

The fauna is very interesting and at its most abundant in winter, when you can see wild ducks, gulls, sandwich terns, Eurasian bitterns and grey herons. Many great reed warblers, moustached warblers, Cetti's warblers and common reed bunting live among the reserve's rushes. There are also many species of ducks, such as the tufted duck and the common pochard. As for birds of prey, we find the osprey and the western marsh harrier. The macchia shrubland is home to woodland birds like the blackcap and the robin, while the collared dove is a frequent visitor too.

In the macchia and among the sandy roots of the dunes live deer, porcupines, badgers, rabbits, skunks and hedgehogs, but you might also be able to catch sight of the Hermann's tortoise and the European pond turtle.

Info: wwf.it

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