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Photo © LigaDue
Photo © LigaDue

Lake San Floriano

Naturalistic attractions

The lake basin is found within the Maremma plain, in the municipality of Capalbio

Lake San Floriano, located within the Maremma plain in the municipality of Capalbio, is of considerable importance for the aquatic birds of the region. The area occupies 30 hectares and is managed by the Province of Grosseto.

San Floriano is an aquatic zone with exceptional scenic value, characterized by phytocoenoses of particular interest that have notable associations with Nynphaea alba and Polygonum anphibium. The vegetation contains marsh reeds, water lilies, rushes, and duckweed, while amongst the fish you can find chub, perch, carp, trout, tench and eel. Among the most significant bird species, you may spot the woodcock, the gray heron, the moretta and the common pochard. In the surrounding areas there are also hares, wild boars, foxes, badgers and porcupines.