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Snow in Garfagnana
Photo © Stazione sciistica Careggine - Pagina FB
Photo © Stazione sciistica Careggine - Pagina FB

Garfagnana Ski Area


The ski resorts in Careggine and Casone di Profecchia

The Garfagnana area, with its splendid wild and lush environment, is an ideal destination also for a winter vacation.

For all ski lovers, the Garfagnana Ski Area includes two resorts, Casone di Profecchia and Careggine, and allows anyone to be able to spend a day in the snow. Both experts and those new to skiing and snowboarding will be able to find slopes to suit their needs.

The slopes in Casone di Profecchia

Casone di Profecchia Ski Area
Casone di Profecchia Ski Area - Credit:

Particularly suitable for first-time skiers is Casone di Profecchia in Castiglione di Garfagnana, equipped with nice kiddie slopes but also with more daring ones. Here, options aren’t just limited to Alpine skiing: there are also routes for Nordic skiing that criss-crosses the woods so riders can enjoy the nature, sounds and characteristic scents of these mountains.

The Careggine Ski Area

Ski slopes in Careggine
Ski slopes in Careggine - Credit:

Careggine is a locality immersed amidst panoramas that touch the peaks of the Apuan Alps and Apennines. With beautiful ski trails among forests, mountains and meadows, skiers will feel truly in touch with nature for an experience they will not forget.

In the town of Formica, there are 2 ski runs totalling 700 meters and there are another 3 trails in Monte la Cima totalling 3 km, while in Vianova, a 750-meter kiddie slope is available.

After a day on the slopes, the old mountain villages, medieval towns where time seems to have stopped, are worth a visit, as is a taste of the delicious traditional cuisine of the Garfagnana area.

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