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Mello Foundation


Discover the Studio d'Arte Le Colonne, the studio of an artist who loved Florence, Tuscany and nature.

If you’re in Florence and find yourself passing through Borgo Pinti 22, you’ll come across a large, beautiful green door, beyond which are the rooms where Giambologna, Pietro Tacca, Rosselli, della Bella and Foggini once worked.

Today, these rooms are occupied by the Mello Foundation: a quirky artist's space in the heart of Florence.

Gianfranco Mello is the very artist who worked in these historic rooms full of columns and vaults. The Foundation, named after him, is not only an exhibition space, but also holds various cultural and musical events.

Hung on the walls, leant against the walls – indeed, found anywhere you can think of - are Gianfranco Mello's paintings: the beautiful splatterings of colour, the predominance of landscapes and the different perspectives of Florence leap out at you.

Mello painted gorgeous Tuscan landscapes, in which nature is portrayed en plein air with fields and meadows in full bloom. Feminine beauty is also a focal point alongside the beauty of Florence and nature; there are numerous female nudes, as well as portraits and self-portraits.

Gianfranco Mello was born in Venice, but moved to Florence as a child and carried out his artistic studies here. He worked as a teacher, but painting was his true love; indeed, he had already held art exhibitions at a very young age. His lifetime paintings, on show in the gallery, are waiting for visitors.

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