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Church of San Cristoforo in Lucca

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The splendid building from the 10th century became a memorial monument for fallen soldiers after World War II

The Church of San Cristoforo in Lucca is located on via Fillungo and played an important political role during the Middle Ages, when it was the headquarters of the consuls of the Cause Lucchesi. The church was rebuilt during the 12th century atop an existing building, and was designed with a single apse and three naves separated by pillars. The bell tower, at the south-eastern corner of the church, probably dates to the 13th century.

The church was restored in the 1300s, when the upper part of the façade was built, boasting a large rose window. In the 1400s, the naves were covered with vaults, and in the Baroque era, the altars and many stucco decorations were added.

The first modern restoration was in 1843-44, while the second dates to 1940: during the second round, which was quite extensive, the building was transformed into a memorial monument dedicated to soldiers from the Lucca area who died in the war. The second restoration also resulted in the complete elimination of the plasters and furnishings, the demolition of the vaults and the engraving of the names of the fallen on the walls.

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