Cassioli Museum

Cassioli Museum

The only museum in the province of Siena dedicated to nineteenth-century art of the Sienese school

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The Cassioli Museum was realised in 1991 thanks to an important bequest of works by Amos and Giuseppe Cassioli, offered by a descendant of theirs. The museum has recently been re-opened to the public after being re-organised, offering a significantly increased number of works of the leading figures from the nineteenth-century Sienese school, granted on deposit by the "Duccio di Buoninsegna Art Institute of Siena". For these reasons the Cassioli Museum presents itself as the only museum in the province of Siena that is wholly dedicated to the painting from the Sienese school of the nineteenth century, and is particularly interesting for the section of drawings and sculptures.


Asciano rises on a high peak of the Ombrone river valley
The town of Asciano is located in the center of the Crete Senesi, an area that extends south east of Siena. Of medieval origins, Asciano conserves many places of interest, including: the Collegiate Church of Saint Agatha, the Church of Saint Augustine, the Grain Piazza with the Magistrates’ Palace, the Civic Archeology Museum and the Corboli Palace Sacred Art Museum and the Cassioli Museum. ...