Artisan and Rural Life Museum of Leprino

Artisan and Rural Life Museum of Leprino

A museum on artisan and rural life with animated figures

Centro Polivalente, Sant'Agata
The museum is located in the multipurpose centre of Sant’Agata and was re-opened to the public to give visitors the opportunity to re-discover and promote the centuries-old traditions of the area. The ancient artisan and rural lifestyle of the past is juxtaposed against the area’s industrial lifestyle today. Since 2000, the museum has been part of the Diffuso-Sistema museum group of the Mugello, Alto Mugello and Val di Sieve.

The animated scenes on display were created by Falerio Lepri. The figures are 70cm tall and are made of wooden frames, mechanical joints and paper mache. Figures are clothed with traditional garments of the period. The buildings in the scenes are made of cardboard; the utensils used are made of wood and aluminum. A network of electric wires allows the figures to move in synchronicity.

Opening hours:
Sundays and other holidays. Summer hours: 3:30pm-6:30pm; winter hours: 3pm-6pm. Guided visits for groups on other days available. Call Falerio Lepri 055/8406750 to reserve.
Price: Free entrance, donations welcome.
Not accessible to the disabled.



Founded at the beginning of the XIV century with the name of Castel S. Barnaba, is known as "la Scarperia"
In the following century Scarperia became the seat of the Vicar of Florence and grew economically thanks to its position: this town is in fact found on the main road that connected Florence to the trans-Apennine towns of Bologna and Imola in the Middle Ages. ...