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Crafts and Farming in S. Agata by Leprino - Scarperia

Museum of Sant’Agata Artigiana e Contadina of Leprino

Displaying the craft and country life with moving figures

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The Museum of Sant’Agata Artigiana e Contadina of Leprino is situated in the multipurpose centre of Sant’Agata in Scarperia and was opened to rediscover and deepen the meaning of country traditions, an outmoded lifestyle on the brink of extinction.

The animated scenes were made by Falerio Lepri. The figures, measuring about 70 centimetres, were constructed with a wooden frame within which some motors were fitted before being covered in papier-mâché and finished with period clothing. Cardboard boxes frame the scenes with wooden and aluminium utensils. A network of electrical cables enable the figures to move in sync.


Info: mugellotoscana.it

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