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ARTEREASTRA Museum Gallery


In Arcidosso, a psycho-art gallery and a journey of 12 stops into self-awareness

ARTEASTRA is an artistic, psychological and emotional container with the subtitle “Pezzi d’umano” (Pieces of human) as the route is a journey of 12 stops, in which the visitor is not a passive spectator but the protagonist.

Located on via Cavour in Arcidosso, the museum pushes the “traveler” through various stages of their existence to induce them to introspection and self-analysis (psycho-art). The senses guide the “traveler” inside themselves, see, touch, hear, smell... and help them not to get lost in the illusions and traps that our minds often create for us.

All along the way, it runs through exhibition spaces with real artworks, placed in close parallel with recalls of theses and researchers to enhance the importance and value of culture, and QR codes so that each “stop” can be explored in depth.

The author, Maurizio Pizzetti, a keen observer of the motions of the soul, finds inspiration in the precariousness of human balances, closely connects the work of art with the viewer to induce a kind of self-analysis since a spotlight is shone on their senses and inner and outer reality.