Chianciano Terme

Archeology Museum of Acque di Chianciano Terme

The museum includes reconstructions of sepulchers, exhibits of burial goods, and ceramics

Chianciano Terme

The Museum of Chianciano Terme opened in 1997 and is housed in a former granary near the historic center of the town. Its collection includes artifacts discovered in the nearby area and is organized thematically: the world of the dead; sanctuaries; homes; and the thermal baths in Roman times.The exhibit opens with reconstructions of sepulchers and displays of burial goods, including bucchero and bronze dishes, ceramic figures, and amphoras, dateable to between the 6th and 5th centuries BCE, this city's period of greatest growth. There is a particularly rich collection of canopic vases from the necropolis at Tolle, while alabaster funerary urns and a series of rooms for making wine date from the later Hellenic period.

Dating from the same time period are the monumental terracotta pediments which decorated a sacred building in the Astrone Valley, not far from the Fucoli spring, and dedicated to a beneficial god.
The final section documents the use of the rich Chianciano springs during the Roman period when luxurious villas and thermal baths rose up in the area where, according to legend, the poet Horatio came to cure himself.


Source: Province of Siena



Chianciano Terme
Wellness, nature and culture
The area in which the Chianciano thermal spa has been developed is surrounded by wooded hills, which are free from serious pollution problems and as such undoubtedly provide the best safeguard for the ecological and hydrological system of the area, which is rich in water with highly curative properties. ...