Parco Archeologico Poggibonsi
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Archeological Park at Poggibonsi

The ideal place for scientific research, conventions, training courses and archeology

Località Fortezza
The Poggio Imperiale hill provides the perfect example of the history of human settlement in Tuscany. The hill has a surface area of approximately 12 hectares surrounded by Medici built walls. The town centre is at the foot of the hill. The town has early-medieval origins and is now one of the most important towns in the Valdarno region for small and medium businesses. In 1993 a long term archeological dig began around the town which provided evidence of ancient human settlements that pre-date written records. The Cassero at the fort is the focus point for all scientific and archeological research. It’s possible to hold conventions and training courses here and it’s here that archeological discoveries are displayed.
The council of Poggibonsi is in the province of Siena and has a population of about 27,000 inhabitants
That which is today’s town centre was the ancient “Borgo Marturi”, a holding of the abbey and of the Marturi castle, already established in the XII century. Its position is in fact enviable, being an unavoidable point of passage for the pilgrims on the Via Francigena, on their way to Rome, as well as a zone of boundary between the states of Florence, Siena and Volterra. ...